eGradebook is a K-12 compliant online school management system that provides a turn-key solution integrating a range of features into a versatile software suite delivered through Internet technology.


A Human Resources Management System (HRMS) or what we call HR Manager is a web-based software application that combines many human resources functions, including benefits, administration, recruiting/hiring, employee management, and performance management, time and attendance monitoring, leave management, generating reports and handling news, updates and company events, and payroll processing into one package.


is a system that handles barangay transactions using the latest technologies for the convenience of barangay employees and officials as well as the constituents. iBRGY is a browser-based system that can be accessed to any computer within a local area network. It can be used by multiple users secured thru defined permissions and access rights. Clearances and certificates uses templates for flexibility. Makes use of webcam to embed pictures of applicants in clearances and ID. Makes use of MS Word to download clearances and ID for printing.